Nuclear Rabbit

3 09 2007

Another beautiful image from the budding artist.




2 responses

4 09 2007

Excellent use of colors! A unique blend of atmosphere associated with the elements.
I detected a small note of sarcasm in the previous comic heading. As one of your loyal readers (I think that there may only be two of us) I would like to mention that since my enlightening suggestions have taken effect, moral among the readership has improved ten-fold and is now approaching 4.5. Also a recent poll among the demographic involved 26 men and 20 women in Munich, Germany, has shown that readers of your blog have experienced “frenetic sypotoms of helplessnes” and “furious withdrawls” after being deprived of the HellBeast experience for more than 24 hours.
In summation I would like to say “thanks for doing whatever it is you do”

4 09 2007

Is it just me, or do I see a ‘wild boar’ with a flaming blue mohawk in there? Anyone? anyone?

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