Growth Potential.

10 09 2007

I must admit to having high aspirations for my daughter. I certainly hope I’m not living vicariously through her, but when I think about what she has to look forward to I can’t help but marvel: wow, she could do anything, go anywhere, be anyone she wants to be (except a graphic designer).

Just look at her, I’m sure you will agree.

Dr. Walton… the pioneering neurosurgeon first to put a monkey brain in a human body.


Miliana,  the morose interplanetary explorer.  First space pilot to witness the appalling conditions for refugees on mars (no water.)


Miliana,  The knight who says ‘ni’.


Anyways, I’m so proud of her nonetheless.



5 responses

11 09 2007

aww, she is getting so big! I haven’t seen her in forever *tear* Perhaps I should visit sometime…

11 09 2007

Perhaps you should, but you must first answer me, these questions three…

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. Who would win in a battle between a mutant, cocaine-infused, Rhino-dactyl with enhanced M249 grenade launchers and Lindsey Lohan?

11 09 2007

1. Katie aka Raine, the lordess of Changrelang Uthermil, the city beneath all who sleep ‘er more.

2. blue

3. I know that you know that I would think that you would think the correct answer would be the obvious – but we ALL know that cracked out LiLo behind the wheel of an Infinity QX SUV is surely a force to be reckoned with. Either that, or they are both the same monstrous being in and of itself, and therefore the match up could only end in stalemate, as she would land back in rehab. OR maybe if she really was two people – like in Parent Trap or I Know Who Killed Me. But she would just be a limbless freak in the end if it were the latter…a complex, hm…ah, did I answer your question?

12 09 2007

Close enough. You may visit anytime.

15 09 2007
Julie Lundberg

Phil — your links aren’t working???

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