You and I are friends.

18 09 2007

Hello? Why would I call you suddenly and out of the blue?  Do I really need a reason?  I THOUGHT that you and I are friends.  We used to hang out all the time, remember.  Well not exactly hang out, per say.  But we have spoken to each other in very friendly tones.  You might have said once that I was your friend,  I remember that clearly.  No?  Well you did say you had a lot of friends once while I was standing there… and then you kinda looked at me like… “you could be one too.” But I think at the time you were just looking at me like “could you hand me the ketchup next to you there.”  And then you said something about the worlds supply of tomatoes and the front of my shirt.  Which, I’m sure you will be relieved to find out that the stain DID come out.  But anyways you said you had friends and that I was already or could possibly become one.  That’s what I took away from the conversation. Anyways. Oh! Did you get the birthday presents I sent you?  I didn’t know because I never heard anything back on them,  so I didn’t know if you liked them or not.  Well I know flowers probably isn’t the best gift from one guy to another but you kept them at least… put them in a vase or something… the garbage? oh well, thats sorta like a vase… it could keep your trash smelling nice…  I  really didn’t expect to get anything back on my birthday or anything. I know you are busy. I just sent reminders to you just in CASE you wanted to buy me something.  No big deal.  Anyways… speaking of buying stuff. I’m  sure you feel maybe a little bad about all that stuff I sent you, and you not reciprocating in the least… No no! Don’t worry about it. I insist.  I thought we could just talk, converse… you know, chit chat a little.  Nothing in particular on our minds… Oh. I heard you won the lottery…  is that– Hello?  Hello?



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22 09 2007
Chaffing Lambbits


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