Those who cant do…

26 10 2007

We live in a very cynical age. We get our news from satirical or fake sources like the Daily Show or Colbert Report. We have more web pages that provide product reviews, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, we even review each other as a buyer/seller. It’s not even cool to like something anymore.

Criticism is our way of life.

Why do we criticize? I would say that we are very dissatisfied as a people.  Part of that is due to a sense of entitlement. We feel like we should get the best in life. We DESERVE it.  We work hard, pay our taxes, and have the money for it, so why not? Why shouldn’t we get the best?  This is America, for crimeny’s sake.   America indeed.  Land of wealth, prosperity, and democracy.  The fact is we are weathy.  We are well fed.  We are safe.  We have the best doctors,  most modern technology and the highest production value entertainment.  We are spoiled.  I’m sure we all went to school with the kid whose parents got him everything  he or she ever wanted.  That kid was a very unhappy individual.   He or she felt entitled to special treatment and complained loudest about nearly everything. Well , if nothing is ever good enough for you then everything you see will fall short in some way or another.  The soup is too cold,  the politicians are idiots, these pants– too tight.    It takes a tremendous amount of effort be just plain old content.  Do you ever just stop and think,  ‘wow,  I’ve got it good.’   You should because you do.  So stop whining.

So am I saying that noone ever has the right to criticize anything ever?  Yes.  Shut up.

Actually that isn’t what I’m saying.  I think there’s a time and a place for criticism.  And while you certainly have the right to be troubled by something and vocalize your aversion to it.  But spouting your public grievances in the city square without giving your ideas much more intellectual input than a Paris Hilton pajama party, then you don’t deserve to have your stupid opinion heard.  Critics should be the people well informed enough to come to intelligent conclusions about all available knowledge regarding the particular item, event, or person that they are criticizing.   And if I allow you to criticize something, don’t get a big head, because I will also have someone to criticize you.   Thats just the way it works.  Critics are not exempt from their own  scrutiny.  You will be scrutinized, oh yes.

There now I don’t want to hear anymore complaints out of you.  And if you want to criticize me,  you can’t.  You don’t know me that well.



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27 10 2007
Lord Taint of the Jibbly People

Oh brother, where do I start with you. Let’s see, your teeth are yellow and your breath smells like you just ate something out of the fridge at WCP, you wear that horrile shirt that makes you look like Steve from blues clues(what kind of rapping name is steve anyways), and you’ve got fam in the coldest most beautiful place on earth. I think that’s enough knowledge to rip into you from time to time, yea? And how come I visit your site like eleventybillion times more than you visit mine? Are you a friend or not? And how come i’m far more attractive than you? And how come i’m just cooler in general? These are FACT, the sooner you come to grips with it the better off you’re wife will be. Ohhhhhh burn. Bet you didn’t miss that now did you pooplips? 🙂 Talk to you soon man. I know you’ve got my email addy. Friggin’ use it you crack hound.

28 10 2007

People find it definitely more easy to criticize someone who presents solutions to problems, rather than present any solutions themselves. Sometimes some individuals need to have their mouths taped shut if they aren’t able to offer alternative solutions. Instead of complaining all the time, tell what you feel should be done to make things better!

In the end, we are all just a bunch of hypocrites who are unable to think for ourselves, yet find it our right to judge others. Damn, if we could only use that other 90% of our brains just wasting away up there…

28 10 2007
Gangly Jams

Speak for yourself Katie oh ye of little power. I’m a god….lowercase. But yes I agree. Phil I think you’re blog could use better colors.

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