Time Travel Quandry

31 10 2007

I often find myself watching a show on a certain network about a certain time traveling Roman legionnaire, but never really knowing why.  Do I expect him to pull out a gladius sometime and stab somebody in the neck while Titus Pullo jumps out of nowhere and say “Sons of Dis!”.   I actually think that would make the show better. But since that isn’t going to happen I find myself imagining interesting time travel scenarios that they aren’t gutsy enough to attempt on the show.   How about time travel to somewhere really interesting.  Like lets just say … um… ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD EXCEPT SAN FRANSISCO!  Why not  Mexico City in 1910?   Or  Turkmenistan in the 1954.  or the inside of a dumpster in Bellevue, Nebraska last Thursday?   Give it a shot.  It might be fun.

Perhaps the character could do something in the past that makes something unpleasant happen in his present.  Like, lets just say  Ostrich-sized mosquitos, or  President of the US: Richard Simmons.   Wow, thats a conundrum.

Finally, where is Titus Pullo?  He should be there.  Really.  And don’t give me that ‘these are different characters on a different show’ bit.   Make the show better.   Get Pullo.

One last thing to leave you with and you may post your answer in the comments section (I don’t need to say this).

Question:  What warning message would a time-traveling future version of you risk shredding the space/time continuum to tell you?

(Warning: The answer  may cause some self-reflection…. or not.)



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1 11 2007

The cake is a lie…

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