Welcome Professor.

1 11 2007

Project Hellbeast, the internet’s foremost authority on building custom mutants for populace terrorization, is also your source for top quality information of a general or random nature. To that end we have recently brought in the greatest mind to ever postulate a chimp-pig, or put a machine gun on the back of an aardvark, (next to my own of course) I am talking about Professor Emeritus.

I trust you will all welcome the Professor as he imparts his worldly wisdom to you on a regular or not so regular basis. You will grow to love him as you love me, standing uncomfortably close and sweating.

Without further ado, I present. Professor Emeritus.



5 responses

2 11 2007

I would just like to say…

It hurts that you replaced the extremely descriptive and horrifyingly beautiful picture of my mutated sea being with this, this…’rainbowy’ crap. Oh believe me, I WILL have my revenge.

sweet, sweet revenge…

2 11 2007

I was supposed to have that fixed before you saw it. Sorry.

2 11 2007

HAH, trying to get to me by being nice. I know your game mister. You think its going to work on me eh? Well…it is…kinda…um, I mean, NO! It’s not going to work on this hard shell of a person I am! I am KATIE, the one who shall overthrow you one day! I don’t need kindness, or caring…or…love, in anyway…yeah. That’s right! You can take your “sorry” and be gone!


2 11 2007

Tisk, tisk. Revealing your plan to destroy me too early is a classic blunder. Anyways, Strike me down and another shall rise in my place. . . Hey I’ve already got a protege’. That’s mighty convenient.

2 11 2007

Damn! You still seem to be able to use my greatest weakness against me to turn things in your favor! My uncontrollable need to be wanted brought on by a childhood of neglect and countless mental abuses, leading to years of therapy that brought me to the conclusion that only world domination will lay still these demons deep inside my psyche. *twitch* I MUST return to my lab!

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