Project Hell Beast Update

2 11 2007

Thank You Socrates, 

As many of you are aware, much of my work in the early years had been focused on belnding and modifying the muliple animal species into a human “super species.” However after a number of horifying creature were produced, (Olsen twins, a certain Bounty Hunter, and the cast of Grey’s Anatomy) I deemed this practice to be detrimental to the better practices of the profession. So began my work in the secretive science of mutant genetic animal creation.  

But enough of the past. I would like to thank Professor Socrates for bringin me to his lab after my previous employer suffered an untimely demise at the tiny hands of a wiley sharcoon-porcubat. I promise to welcome all new ideas as long as they are my own.



3 responses

2 11 2007

Well, first I need to say “Welcome, Professor Emeritus”!

I trust that you will enlighten us all using your highly developed power of suggestion to guarantee that we are all hooked enough to read this blog everyday.

I like the new look, very modern (of course that’s relative, tomorrow it could look retro). I agree with Katie, though, what’s with the rainbowy thing?

2 11 2007
Professor Emeritus

Everyday seems like alot of comittment. I would be satisfied with weekly. maybe monthly or, yearly. Don’t set the bar too high.
As for the new look, I would be happy to reveal the true meaning behind it.
Here goes: it’s a

2 11 2007
Old Man in AK

Is this a result to much weasel stomping?

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