Endless commercialism of the Season

19 12 2007

Personally,  I find most commercials objectionable by their very nature.  Their smugness.  Their confidence.  The assumption that they know what is best for me.  Please.  I am no fool.  Don’t believe me?  Check my toenails- they’re filed into razor sharp and if I kick you in the face… game over.  Anyways.  A certain yearly phenomenon occurs in November and into the month of Christmas– I mean, December.  I have a cursory understanding of economics. II understand that most businesses sell more products and make more money during this time than any other time of year.  But still. Come on.  Enough is enough.  Leave it to advertisers to suck the life an joy out of anything that people enjoy. Look at Steve Urkel.  He sucks now.  Please stop with the altered lyrics of favorite holiday songs.  Stop with the assumption that my family’s traditions are like everyone else.   Your family may roast marshmallows in front of a roaring fire, I like to ride an ostrich through town  and whip people with long strands of bull kelp.  Thats just me.  Don’t give me your assumptions. We are different. We don’t like advertising.  Thank you.
All mutants are on sale at Project Hell Beast in time for  Saint Jerry the Incontinent’s  Day!  Order yours now!



3 responses

20 12 2007
Uncle Stinky

I’m all for the advertising. Well, now anyways. It’s what i’m doing. But yes, I agree, this has become less a celebration of Him and more of a celebration of the mighty dollar. May we all rot in H. E. double hockey sticks gently.

20 12 2007

You, my friend, are an onion.
So many layers.

21 12 2007
Uncle Stinky

I’d like to be considered a parfait. Thanks. And if my spelling is off, it’s your fault:)

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