Private Jounal entry December 21, 2008

21 12 2007

Dear Private Journal,

Today it seemed like everyone was against me.  I walked into the break room and everyone gave me this icy stare.  I tried to be friendly like I am every day but no one even said hi.  It was so weird.  But that isn’t the half of it.  Mr. Drake, the boss, remember how I was telling you that he is always sweating really bad and starts to smell by the end of the day?  Well he was totally cold to me. I told him I was going to be leaving early because of a dental appointment and he  said I would have to make up the hours.  Nobody ever has to make up hours for medical appointments, and now I do?  What is the deal with that?  Then he said something like  “you’ll be sure to avoid the sweat smell.”  I tried to play it cool but the way he looked at me was like I killed his dog.  I was so uncomfortable.  I went to talk to Betty in accounting (the one with the ugly mole)  and she had her hand covering he face the whole time I was talking to her– like she was hiding the ugly mole.  Jake Ellis took a swing at me when I said hi to him.  John the IT guy locked me out of my computer all day and I couldn’t get any work done.   Jessie, the girl I had a drunken make-out session with last Christmas party,  just broke into tears and ran away.   Chuck (you know Mr. Nosecandy)  was totally arrested by the police for drug possession.  He looked a me and  swore he would get me back.  Why would he say that?   It’s as if someone told these people what I thought about them.  But who knew all this stuff.  I didn’t tell anybody.  How could they know?  I mean,  really only me and you knew all this stuff, and — wait.  You.  You knew… and you told.   ooooh!  HOW COULD YOU!  I trusted you!  You betrayed me you bastard  Agh!  My life is ruined!  I can never trust again!!!    I swear, private journal,  I will get my revenge.  I swear it!

Talk to you tomorrow.




2 responses

21 12 2007

Haha, good one. I dig your humour!

25 12 2007

I think Steve should get back on his medication. I’ve seen him at his worst, and believe me, this is nothing.

Dear Steve,

Don’t stop rappin’!!!

Merry Christmas,


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