Update and new (old) stuff

19 01 2008

Hey everyone that checks my blog.

I hope you all running around in your brand new Project Hellbeast T-shirts, accidentally spilling water on them so they soak through and people can see your surgery scars and hairy back.  That it why I made them.

I just joined mnartists.org . It seems to be a place where artists an people wanting to exploit artists can go to meet each other. I am excited. If you journey to my little page there you can see a very rare project that I made in college and spent a little time tonight improving the animation slightly.  Go and see.

Updates on my life?  Not much to say really.  I am currently writing a screenplay for an animated movie that will knock  Shrek, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King  flat on their asses.  Or at least it will have a few good jokes in it.  I am also promoting the new movie Hellboy 2: The Golden Army,  partially because I think it looks cool and mostly because I want Guillermo Del Toro to become my new best friend and patron saint.  oh and Mike Mignola too.   You guys are awesome.

Well, that’s about it.



4 responses

21 01 2008

It’s ridiculous how awesome you are.

btw – my mom thinks your a bad influence on me. This was after having a long conversation about the inevitable zombie invasion due to that re-animated mouse heart on the news. Oh ya, we’re doomed.

21 01 2008

What is my being awesome in reference to?

Cause if it’s just GENERAL awesomeness, That goes without saying…

22 01 2008

well, the general part is a given, yes.

but it more had to do with your flash animation. Now THAT is awesome. I had a good laugh – then my nose started bleeding – so I stopped. (I wonder if it was that paint I huffed before…wait what? paint. what about paint? something — eh…hm.)

28 01 2008

Awesomely mad. You’re one crazy Som Bleach. Word

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