Process versus Product

27 01 2008

As an artist, this question is sometimes asked of you when someone is examining your work: What is more important, process or product?  Is art in the act of creation or the end result?  It’s not an easy question to answer.  Is your work more significant if it takes you fifteen minutes and twelve dozen popsicle sticks or fifteen years and a million endangered butterfly legs?   Can you even answer that question if you haven’t seen the end result? Looking at two images side by side, you may be inclined to think ‘this one is beautiful’ and ‘this one my retarded box turtle could do’.   But if a retarded box turtle did paint a picture, even if it was kinda crappy, wouldn’t that be significant?   I, for one, don’t believe box turtles should be allowed to paint.  They make a mockery of those who do art.  Their technique is sloppy and they fail to follow the conventions set forth by other reptile and amphibian pioneers in the field.

Whether it is the process of creation or the end result,  the outcome is always the same:  box turtles suck.



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