Friends of Doom

7 02 2008

I believe that much of what we can accomplish is the direct result of our attitude.  You wake up in a bad mood, you’re late, you get frustrated and your job performance suffers.  Inversely, If you wake in a good mood, you are cheerful, smiling, enthusiastic, you get that long deserved raise and your ex-girlfriend calls to tell you that she has Typhoid (but don’t revel in that, Typhoid is bad news).  So while many people wake up in whatever mental state they are in and just slog through the day, letting the chips fall where they may, I endeavor to try to change my attitude if I know that I’m upset or grumpy.

I’m also aware that there are some people, well meaning and certainly good folks at that,  but there are some people who can’t help but bring you down.  They walk around with a perpetual storm cloud over them and use any opportunity to rain on you.  It’s not their fault that they are this way.  They are the pessimists.  They see their glass half empty, or half full of poison.  The problem is that you consider them friends.  You still want to talk to them but they can’t help but point out the unfair, unfavorable and unenviable positions of life, both yours and theirs.  You leave a discussion with them depressed, on the verge of stepping in front of a Buick. Or drinking…  a lot.  And if you don’t leave the discussion depressed then you’ve probably skewed the other way: anger.   You are in a rage by the unfairness of it all and if something doesn’t give you are finally going to find a good use for that ceremonial Katana you bought from Pier 1 last year.  Sometimes anger is good. It motivates you to action. But this kind of anger will make you say or do something you surely will regret later.  So you bite your tongue and bottle it up.  Someday you’ll let it out… someday.

Be careful around these people.  They are the Friends of Doom. Their intentions may be good. They may only be commiserating.  They may only be putting into words the thousand minor frustrations you have, giving it a name and a face and a throat within squeezing distance, but resist, I urge you.  You’ll be much happier if you can supress these thoughts. Keep your mind happy. Keep your attitude positive. Put down those chainsaws.  Nobody ever won a meaningful argument with a chainsaw.

Except that one time…



2 responses

7 02 2008

My solution? Happy pills! ^_^

29 02 2008
Kettle, black

OMG Phil,

You “old bucket of sunshine”, and swinger of the anointed ‘pot’!

Your humbly abused,


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