The test results are in.

12 03 2008

 I took this Myers-Briggs Personality Test a while back and was fascinated by the results. Not only did I HAVE a personality, it was actually quite a interesting one.  I am what is affectionately known as  INTJ or “A Mastermind.”   Shocking!   You say.  But it’s true.   This means that I like to think and plan and scheme.  I won’t settle for what’s there or what is, just because someone says that it is.  I can’t be bothered by your feelings  and emotions.  I am introverted and like to plan my world conquest alone.

It is actually quite helpful to know the type personality you are, as well as the personalities of those around you.   I happen to work in an office with more than one INTJ’s.   We happen to get along quite well.  We sometimes have a disconnect with others, however because we want things to work and are always looking for detailed solutions.  For other personality types, this is can result in some serious friction.  Knowing these areas that  cause tension can be helpful for conflict resolution or for avoiding the trouble spots in the first place.

Don’t believe a personality test can change your life?

Take it yourself here.



4 responses

13 03 2008

hm, I am an ENTP. A natural inventor and engineer, therefore more qualified to EXECUTE plans than what you masterminds may PONDER at times.

I’m a do-er, Manticore. Not a thinker, a DO-er.

13 03 2008

Yeah, I pretty much KNEW you weren’t a thinker. Hmm. To bad. Don’t you have some battle to rush headlong into?

Hahaha! Manticore 1, Katie nil.

19 03 2008

What a bunch of crap, it said I didn’t have a personality. Doh!


25 03 2008

I get the feeling he’s lying.


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