Living is just dying very slowly.

24 03 2008

Is it a natural tendency to start evaluating yourself at every major milestone in life?  Is it right to think back at all the stuff you’ve been through and wonder if it was all worth while.  Did I build the greatest mutants the world has ever seen? Did I build the greatest empire on the backs of my slave-like drones?  Did I scam, cheat, swindle, manipulate and otherwise be untrue to every thing I’ve ever said or written?  Are there enough people out there cursing my very existence? Am I the greatest evil genius the world has ever known or could I have done more?

It’s easy to say “what’s done is done. Don’t look back at the corpse-strewn path or you’ll only regret the ones that got away.”  I certainly can relate to that.  I’d like to think I’ve done the best I can with what I was given but I wonder… With so many opportunities we are given in life, Did I make the most of every one?  Not every thing that comes along is meant to be grasped, I know.  I could have been an evil South American Dictator, but I just hate state-run television– there’s never anything good on.  I could have also went for more schooling and received my evil doctorate or at least my dark master’s degree.  There’s still time, I suppose.  Formal education only takes you so far, I suppose.  There’s no comparison to real-world domination experience.

I guess when I think about it, I realize that I have done a lot already.  And my life isn’t over yet.  If I take care of myself and the dark lemur is willing to not collect my soul yet, I still could have many years to terrorize the populace.  Each new day seems to be an opportunity for that.  I hope I can remember that each day and make the most of every chance I get.

You!  Why are you standing there!  Get to work!!



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24 03 2008

Happy Birthday!!

24 03 2008

umm…HB!? Is this the truth?? Your so old…why aren’t you gone yet so I can take ove–ah I mean mourn your loss with 10 years of induced destruction in your name (well, bi-lined) upon the earth. Followed by infinite rule with an iron fist, as I will have discovered the means of immortality by that time.

btw, I hear Mili shall be another year older in the days to come. Another year – closer to becoming a threat to me…

Wish her well, won’t you?

24 03 2008

As you can see, It is indeed the infernal anniversary marking the beginning of my reign of destruction. And it should also be pointed out that I have already begun training my protoge’ to take my place when at last I am violently and horrifically thrown from this dimension. Fear not, you will plead for my mercy when I am gone– enjoy my off-beat brand of hot steaming oppression while it lasts.
That is all.

25 03 2008

Your Evil training was cut short… you are merely a wanna-bee that never graduated EU, and harbor only resentment… hardly the fuel for true Evil.

If Evil is a state of mind, then there is true Evil in this state, but you are not the source, and thus you will fail to train a minion to replace you, and to think you are so Evil is a lie.

Liars are Evil though so perhaps you could become one? No… its not in your blood.

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