Early project

9 04 2008

Ever wonder what my earliest animation looked like?

You probably don’t care but here is a piece i did early in my school days.  I know it’s bad but you have to start somewhere, right?



9 responses

10 04 2008

Does the slug arc?

10 04 2008

I thought there was something wrong with you before, this just solidifies my thinkings. I still like you a little.

11 04 2008

What, you’ve never found a slug in your baby food before?

12 04 2008


12 04 2008


13 04 2008

Clearly there is arc.

Everyone knows, to guarantee consistent volume of baby food output from the factory, slugs are farmed daily. They don’t accidentally find there way in the food that is filled with slugpaste.

However in the case of this “recorded evidence**” we see one slug escaped the machine-who-thinks-hes-so-badass-for-crushing-boneless*-creatures only to find the inevitable fate that his whole life’s journey was to feed a starving baby.

This also proves that even the spineless have a good purpose, and even a spineless slug can overcome the evil machine, but however fate prevails. It also proves that evil isn’t so evil as it was merely trying to aid the little slug into a quick and painless “transition” to becoming baby food, whereas now our little adventurer met his ultimate fate…. slowly as the oxygen is depleted.

*our 3D aficionados will dispute that a boneless animated creature will exist, **however this is clearly reality recorded with the Imagination Compression codec set to high.

17 04 2008

I want TWO of what he’s drinkin’

18 04 2008

For our readers, please explain the picture on the label…..

18 04 2008

ah yes, the infamous Baron Von ZOKENBAKKEN! Evil purveyor of fine foods formulated especially for infants.

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