Endless suffering.

29 04 2008

Why cant we all sell off our stuff and move into the wild of Alaskan wilderness?   mooseWell, my short answer is that if everyone did that, no one would want to buy my toaster. ( Nowhere to plug it in).  The fact of the matter is that there needs to be someone left behind to keep the lights on.  And probably more than just one person. One guy to run the electricity switches, one guy to keep fresh boxes of cereal appearing on the shelves.  And possibly one more guy to be on TV and read fake news every night.  “There was a 50 car pileup on the freeway…  Snow is forecast for the greater portion of the cereal aisle…  What you don’t know about bellybuttons could kill you,  Tune in at 10 to learn what we refuse to just tell you now….”   We’d probably need somebody around to keep sending out spam e-mails to the other four people.  We’d possibly need a pretty girl to walk around complaining that there are no good men left– and this time, she’d be right.  None of the other guys would ever talk to her because they are too shy, but they would have no trouble discussing why they are better of without her amongst themselves.   Ah, I nearly forgot.  We would need a bully too.  Some bigger guy with low self esteem that hides it with violence.  That guy would push the rest of the guys around and call them bad names like “mama’s boy” even though there would be no mamas around (they’re all in Alaska).  Anyways the pretty girl who doesn’t have any decent guy to talk to would date the Bully and get in a self destructive relationship with him.  All the rest of the guy would talk about how dumb she is for dating him, but really, is it her fault?

And that is what society will look like after the economic collapse.

Have a good day everyone!



3 responses

30 04 2008

Check my blog oh mighty evil one.

Mmm, moose burgers.

30 04 2008

uhhhhh…. *gulp* la-la-la-like what kinda things do we need to know about bellybuttons, Scoob!?!?

1 05 2008

I was told there would be cheetahs.

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