Mindless minions– obey my command!

30 04 2008

Hello all,
I want to throw out a huge and completely shameless plug for my good friend,  obedient subordinate, and frequent commenter– Katie.   Her band will be playing a show that will surely level four city blocks with it’s awesomeness.  Details are located here. I think her music is best described as an ecclectic, acoustic, ergonomic, agrarian, hypnotic and infuzes listeners with feeling of calm that destroys border conflicts in the middle east,  makes doves spontaneously erupt from her guitar and has been known to pull people out of comas.   It can also kill zombies with nothing but it’s rich pure sound.

If you are in the area, I require you to go to this show and report to me when you have completed this task.

That is all.

Good luck Katie.



5 responses

30 04 2008

Thank you oh so much for the plug. I talked with the man booking us, and it may be a great possibility that we will play there once a month on a regular basis. What does this mean? You all need to come out and have a listen so you can experience the greatness that is RisingSide. More shows and venues to come very soon. So stay tuned!

Your loyal servant (until you experience a sudden and horrific death),

1 05 2008

Phil might experience a sudden and horrific death?

I claim his stuff at the office.

1 05 2008

Rock out with your……errr…..kicks some ass, wish I could be there, i’ll plug you too just cause.

4 05 2008

Much obliged. You will all have a place by my side once Manticore — “retires”.

4 05 2008

No offering jobs to lackwits when you haven’t even “replaced’ me yet!!

Mental note: She’s trying to kill me.

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