Hard knock life.

2 06 2008

There’s a reason why there are so many people who dream of going out to Hollywood and becoming a big shot in the movie business.  The rewards are huge.  Some people want the fame that goes with being an A-list actor.  Some desire the respect of being a great director.  Some want the power that comes with being a major producer.  Others still dream of the sheer creative force and world-forming god-like ability of a writer.  All of them are paid what seems like exorbitant amounts of money to do one simple thing– entertain.  What better feeling than having someone look at your work and say “wow, that moved me.” Not too many other professions can say that.

The down side to being in the entertainment business is that it is difficult.   It is TOUGH.  The very act of creation means breaking off a piece of who you are and putting it out there for the world to see, and think about, and judge. And when that piece of you is rejected– it is painful.  That criticism of your work is a criticism of you.  You are bad. You are not good enough.  YOU NEED A REWRITE.  That is sometimes too painful to bear.

Beyond that, when you take that purified piece of yourself and then other people want to come along and change it. They want to mutate that piece with something of themselves– to taint it– to RUIN it possibly. You mix it up with the pieces of other people and suddenly that that piece of you doesn’t belong to you anymore. The pieces all come together and form something new.  Perhaps something beautiful.  Maybe it’s a train wreck.  But it still carries a  part of you and it is out there for the world to see.  Some people can’t allow their pure vision get mutated into a beast.  They would rather it die that escape their control.

Beyond that there is so many obstacles to achieving that great reward. So many things that stand in the way between you and that golden prize.  You may be talented, but don’t have the right opportunity.  Or you get your opportunity but you have personality conflicts.  Or sometimes there are factors beyond your control that change your destiny.  There are a million things that want to knock you off the path.

And not everyone who stays on the path makes it to the top level.  It is rare to reach the big rewards. Many people end up on some obscure middle level.  They languish, they settle or they quit. Their work gets taken away or buried.   So many movies are still just scripts sitting on some studio’s shelves.  So much film is sitting in a can, never to be seen by the public.  So much money is spent on projects that go nowhere.

But sometimes the conditions are perfect. Sometimes you get that movie made.  Sometime that movie you made is good.  People go see it and they like it.  And to hear praise for your work is like the sounds of angels singing.  Forget the money, fame, and power.   To have someone out there be profoundly affected by a part of you is like nothing else.

And that is where the real reward lies. That makes this crazy, difficult,  hard knock life all worth while.



6 responses

2 06 2008

It is true, that for some reason, we keep driving on. It is the small rewards that make it all worth it.

2 06 2008

Well, it is what is. And tough doesn’t really describe it. Nice post spanks, good to see you’re still alive. I myself, am not posting as much, why you ask, because it’s tough:)

2 06 2008
Professor Manticore

You guys must be waiting by my blog for me to post something. I admire that kind of loyalty.
Thanks for the support. I will remember you when I am living the good life in obscurity.

3 06 2008

Press on , live the dream.

3 06 2008

Ain’t it the truth. 🙂

5 06 2008
Comma, Comma, Comma Chameleon

*Family* is the best audience, that you can “please”…

They are the only ones with a life long admission ticket(s) to all of your performances.


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