Rising Side Review

30 06 2008

On the rare occasions that I actually open the large steel door that protects my lair and venture out into the world, the event must truly be a spectacular one.  The CD Release party for Rising Side this last Friday was one of those occasions.

At the modest and somewhat difficult to park at Dunn Brothers on the south edge of Loring park, the stage was set for pure magic.  The room was at capacity when Rising Side took the stage and I was right there in the front row.  I was so close, that when the pyrotechnic charges went off, I nearly burnt my eyebrows off. (Don’t worry, they’re fine.)

Rising Side let their guitars sing into the night.  I was mesmerized.  It was truly an event to be experienced.  My only regret was that I was unable to stay for the whole show because I had to get my young’n off to bed.

All in all, I would say Rising Side is awesome and if you don’t already own their CD,  go buy it now. Go here and contact Raine– she will let you know how you can acquire one for yourself.

Here is the long awaited picture from the show.  Sorry about the poor quality.  Katie and Tony are high quality people.

Rising Side (Tony and Katie)

Rising Side (Tony and Katie)



One response

30 06 2008

It was a *cool* show. In a warm room. 🙂

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