Three wishes

23 09 2008

Five years ago, the elven lords brokered a deal with me:  In exchange for me offering my services as a script doctor on their alternate history story “The Elves of World War Two”,  I was given a glowy sword that shines whenever I am near a Starbucks (which isn’t as useful as one might imagine)  and three wishes.   Well as  I am already independently wealthy,  stunningly good looking and at the top of my game professionally,  I was in quite a connundrum.   What do I wish for?

Of course my first wish was to be the internet’s premier authority on not only building your own Hellbeast out of common, household items, but also the Dinka tribe of Africa.  Bingo! It was granted!

Then I wished for  a million people to check my blog every day and for them to buy one of my cool t-shirts from the Project Hellbeast Store (link to the right. Don’t see anything you like? Put in a special request).  Not quite there yet but still working on it.

And finally I wished that someone, somewhere in the world,  someone who commented on this post, would also get three wishes.

So, what do you wish for?



One response

23 09 2008

1. To know personally the foremost authority on Hellbeast-construction from common household items. Bango!

2. To be able to look “genuinely interested” when someone tries to recount their latest dream. Not there yet.

3. To acquire 1/64 of the creative juices (figuratively, otherwise it gets messy) of the great Professor Manticore for my own purposes of World Domination. 1/64, so like, Cleveland Domination!

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