Brushes with Greatness: John Hodgman

17 02 2010

Here’s the first in a series that I call, Brushes with Greatness. (So far I only have one)

The backstory: I wrote John Hodgman an e-mail. (If you don’t know who John Hodgman is, shame on you)

I wrote:
Mr. Hodgman, (if there are any cyborgs reading this, I ask them kindly to stop)
I just want to say, (reiterate I guess, because of my e-mail subject has already expressed) your book is great. The level of success you have achieved starting out as a literary agent, is second only to World War II veteran, Medal of Honor recipient, and movie star Audie Murphy who also began as a literary agent. But lets put him aside, He’s dead and you’re reading my e-mail. Ok, move on.
I bought your book as a gift for my brother-in-law, so of course I thought I would read it myself first. I haven’t laughed that hard since I saw Katie Couric get hit with a slush ball. I think I may just keep the book and give my brother-in-law a box full of Sean Connery’s beard trimmings instead. Well, that’s it. Thanks for writing a good book, I look forward to your next one.


John’s Reply:
Thank you, [Name Withheld]. That’s fascinating about James Earl Jones. No wonder I’m always seeing him in my building.

Isn’t that wonderful? Stay linked for more Brushes with Greatness



One response

17 02 2012
Brady Whal

Thanks for your justification. I enjoy make out the print Martha

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