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20 09 2011

Well, sadly the angst of my life has dwindled away into a nagging discomfort that small amounts of Vodka can easily dispatch.  Unfortunately for you, dear reader, because this blog was my outlet for railing against all the injustice I experienced.  Not to say that my life is injustice free, I’ve just channeled my energy into writing in other forms.  Which is a brilliant segue (If I do say so myself) to share with you my latest venture–  Another BLOG!

Now, I know what you’re saying:  “Hey, these pants really DO make my butt look big.”  and then “Hey! Why in the world would you start another blog if you don’t even write in this one?”

Well to that I say: “Astute observation… and why don’t you shut up?!”

This new venue is a fresh start and a place where I can primarily focus on the craft of screenwriting and the entertainment industry as it interests me.  Project Hellbeast will still live on as a repository for all things mutant related and a great place to learn about why are men violent or why I cannot be a Dinka.

I may still post here from time to time and as always, my contemporary and supposed co-poster Professor Emeritus could always participate, but I hear he has a new buisness venture that involves loud machines which is keeping him pretty busy.

Well, I must close now.  Good luck to you and I hope to see you over at the new blog.

Oh yeah,  I didn’t even say what it is.  Silly mutant creator…

Here it is.

Scenes Real and Imagined




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