Nothing ever changes, Nothing stays the same

24 09 2010

At about the same time every year, I start to wonder: “Is this what I’m doing?” Given that we have only a certain amount of time in life, am I making the best of it? Certainly I could be doing things better in areas of my life. I’m not in the greatest physical condition I could be in. I’m still not done with that screenplay I’ve been bashing away at for the past… what… 2 years? That’s a little depressing.
But on the other hand, a lot of good things have happened since a year ago. I’ve started dressing better. I’ve stopped making homeless men fight each other for burritos. And I finally returned that full grown lion that I sorta raised from a cub back to the wild… or at least to the woods several miles from my house.
I guess when you think about it, even though your life seems stagnant at times and no one is rushing over to give you a book deal, or sign you on to play professional basketball, your life is still changing in many small ways– not all of them bad ways either. I guess as humans (and proto-humans as well) our natural inclination is to be dissatisfied with the status quo. Even though, ironically, we continue to seek out ways to keep our lives exactly as they are. We’re a strange set of contradictions, we humans. But what are you gonna do? I guess it’s better than being a cow.