Brushes with Greatness: John Hodgman

17 02 2010

Here’s the first in a series that I call, Brushes with Greatness. (So far I only have one)

The backstory: I wrote John Hodgman an e-mail. (If you don’t know who John Hodgman is, shame on you)

I wrote:
Mr. Hodgman, (if there are any cyborgs reading this, I ask them kindly to stop)
I just want to say, (reiterate I guess, because of my e-mail subject has already expressed) your book is great. The level of success you have achieved starting out as a literary agent, is second only to World War II veteran, Medal of Honor recipient, and movie star Audie Murphy who also began as a literary agent. But lets put him aside, He’s dead and you’re reading my e-mail. Ok, move on.
I bought your book as a gift for my brother-in-law, so of course I thought I would read it myself first. I haven’t laughed that hard since I saw Katie Couric get hit with a slush ball. I think I may just keep the book and give my brother-in-law a box full of Sean Connery’s beard trimmings instead. Well, that’s it. Thanks for writing a good book, I look forward to your next one.


John’s Reply:
Thank you, [Name Withheld]. That’s fascinating about James Earl Jones. No wonder I’m always seeing him in my building.

Isn’t that wonderful? Stay linked for more Brushes with Greatness